Isabell (Germany) and Yaron (Israel)

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Isabell (Germany) and Yaron (Israel) met on Christiancafe and today serve in the Jaffa assembly Israel

We found each other on, and would like to share our testimony with you and other members. God bless you all! Yaron & Isabell - Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL.

Yaron writes:
We wanted to thank all the people who work for, for your great and important service to the children of God. We thank God that he gave you the vision to raise such a site, that actually changed the life of both of us completely.
My name is Yaron and I live in Israel. I became a believer 12 years ago at the age of 16. Since the time I became a believer I wanted that God would give me a girlfriend that later would be my wife. It took 12 years till God answered my prayers and I thank God for giving me the patience to wait.
I come from a very small church and there are no girls of my age. I did not like to go and visit other churches in order to look for a wife. I felt this was pretending to come for a meeting and actually you look for something else. With the Cafe site I did not need to pretend or to play games. I registered on November 2003 for half a year.
In January 2004, I saw Isabell on the site and I sent her a message. We were writing e-mails for 3 months and then I went to visit her in Germany for one week. After this week we continued to write and also speak on the phone till she came on August 2004 for 2 weeks to Israel. In November 2004, some weeks after my dad died, I went again for 10 days to visit her. In February 2005 Isabell came for 3 months to Israel and on first of April we got engaged.
In September 2005 we married in Germany and after the wedding we had our honeymoon in Switzerland. Now we are back in Israel. We thank God that he gave us each other and we want to serve Him together here in Israel.

Isabell writes:
I joined the Cafe in January 2004. Yaron wrote me a short message which I answered. I liked his profile and I appreciated his emails, because he was real. On the other hand it made me fear because he's living in Israel and I always knew if something between us would develop, I would have to go there. But I prayed if it's OK with God to continue writing him and I felt that I have permission.
There were many common opinions and attitudes. For example, both of us don't have TV, we have nearly the same profession, we became believers at the same age, we have both red hair, one of our parents had cancer. (There is more.)
I was happy when Yaron finally came in April, after writing 3 months and I hoped that the good impression I had from him would change, because of the consequences it would have for me. But the opposite happened. I tried to make him meet all my friends, my assembly, to visit places and not only to be alone with him. We came to know each other better and I realised that his love and his fear of God is strong, that our thinking is similar and that he really fell in love with me. I visited him and his family in August, the hottest month in Israel, but I stood the heat quite well. Some months later his dad died and I asked God if I should really continue this relationship, because I lost my mother one year before and I did not want to share this difficult time with him and to say good bye some months later. I prayed and read the Bible. God always gave green light, never said no. Before I thought that God could give me a husband that I did not like in the beginning, but I realised that God does not force me to love someone, he gives me the free decision.
And he gave me time to observe, to examine, to think and to pray. I also spoke a lot with friends, family and elders from my assembly. This was very important and I want to tell the people in that it is very important to ask other believers for advice before starting a relationship (on the Internet or elsewhere) because we need to examine ourselves, we need objective advice, and we have to give God the opportunity to stop us if we are on the wrong way.
Finally I said Yes to Yaron and the life in Israel. And I'm sure that it's the right decision, even if I lost a lot, but I won him. He's the man I love. God surprises us in many details; we discovered a lot of similarities between us (our latest discovery: even the code for our bank account is nearly the same).
I'm sure that God wants me to love Yaron and to serve Him and the people here in this country. And He waited till I have the age of 28 when my need for a partner became stronger and till I have a certain maturity. My waiting was not in vain. God gave me a wonderful husband. I live in a country where very few people believe in Jesus. We pray that God will show us a common task.
Thanks to the people of You helped to bring us together. May God use you to start more unusual love-stories, as He did with us.


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