Membership agreement

Membership agreement

Using this website is free, however in order to register to this site you have to agree to all the terms of the Membership agreement.

This Membership agreement is subject to updates and changes from time to time , so you are requested to check back periodically.

Information collected from members is divided into three units as follows :
1 . Confidential information : Name is confidential and will not appear at your profile. Confidential information will never be sold or brought to the attention of others and will not be available in any form to any third party . We will disclose your personal information only if required by law .
2 . Email: We will not disclose nor sell or allow access to your e-mail address by any third party . Your email address will serve us to contact you about different subjects . To be made by us only.
3 . Profile Information : Your profile is available to site's members who are allowed to use the site . Members profile includes : description and photo, personal details other than the confidential information and other information which is essential for matches . Your observed profile does not include any identifying information except the nick name (you chose) at registration. Females can view and contact only males and males can view and contact only females.



We are not an IMB ( International Marriage Broker) because this service is for free for all approved users.


Terms of using this Site
The site is an electronic service that brings together one adult to another. This agreement is between you and the site management . Please read it carefully before registering for the Service. By registering to this site , you become a subscriber to the Service, and you agree to all the terms of this agreement from the moment of being a subscriber .
If you do not agree, please do not register to this site .
Registration means acceptance of all Membership agreement Terms .

Who is entitled to register to this site:
1. Born again believers up from the age of 20.
2. Only singles or widows/widowers (married or divorced can not register).
3. believers that attend an assembly and are not out of fellowship.
4. Those who believe Jesus is God.
5. Only males who are looking for females and only females who are looking for males.


Subscription to this site will be terminated by the management of the site or by you at any time , for any reason , without having to provide an explanation.

Site Management reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate your access to the Service and without any notice.

Using the service of the site is for personal use and exclusively yours. You can not allow others to use the service, and you may not assign or transfer your account to any other person or entity . You are responsible for locking the computer/device you are using to the access of others. This will prevent unauthorized access .

As a subscriber you agree that : You are solely responsible for the content or information you publish or display in the site or information transferred to other members in service. You will not publish or send to other members, any material which is defamatory , or information that is inaccurate , or offensive , or non modest , or of a sexual nature , or threatening , or racist , or illegal, or any information which can violate or infringe the rights of any third party ( including but not limited to intellectual property rights or rights of privacy ) .

You will not engage in advertising , or solicitation of other members to buy or sell any products or services through the use of this site. You will not transmit any chain letters or junk email to other users.
You will not post, distribute or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material , trademark, or any material that belongs to the owner of intellectual property without the prior written consent of the owner or the holder of intellectual property rights .

You are personally responsible for any contact between you and other subscribers in this site.

You are obliged to inform the management of the site information for each user of the website suspected in harassment or any suspicious behavior / weird.

You will not include in Your profile any telephone number , address , last name, URL or email address , and will not be allowed to include any software code or information about any alternative method of communication online .

You will only upload a photo of yourself and not any other.

During correspondence with other registered users on the site you can share personal information and the sole responsibility for that is of the user. Site management has no responsibility for personal information provided during the correspondence between site users.
You will not include in your profile any reference to a personal offense, anatomical or sexual , or abusive language and direct or indirect sexual proposals , and will not be allowed to place any naked photo (even not partial naked) or image that contains personal information .

Site Management reserves the right , to reject any profile or picture that do not meet the above conditions .

Content on the Net :
All opinions , express opinions , advice , statement , suggestion, or other information or content that will be accessible via the website service , but not directly presented by the management of the site, represent only their authors and are not to be relied on. Site management will not be responsible for the correctness , completeness , or applicability of any information delivered and will not adopt or receive or be responsible in any way for the accuracy or reliance on any opinion , advice , or statement be made by any third party apart from the management of the site. In no event shall the site management be responsible for any loss or damage occurred by any person who relies on information or other content posted or transferred to site members .

Warning - Please read this:
It could be that other users and unauthorized users ( " Hackers " ) , will transmit offensive or obscene materials through the Service of this site and you as a user will be exposed unwillingly to such Information .

It is possible that others will obtain information concerning you as a user of this site service, and use it to hurt you.

Site management is not responsible for any personal information you share through the use of this site service. Please carefully selecting the type of information that you publish on the site or share with others.

The site management can not promise that all users are born again believers.

It is the user's responsibility to find out if the user they are corresponding with is a true born again believer.

It is the user's responsibility to report immediately to the management of any offensive photo placed by other users or sent by email.

It is also the user's responsibility to let the management know of any user who is not a born again believer or does not behave as a born again believer, to help us keep this web service for born again believers only. 


If you agree to all the terms and conditions and you are entitled to register, you are welcome to register.