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What to do if you are ashamed to register?

Here are some things that can help you overcome the feeling of embarrassment:

1. You are not the first one who signs up on a believers’ dating site. You can read the testimonies of thousands of believers around the world who have found a partner using dating sites. And moreover, there are tens of thousands of believers from around the world at this very moment who are registered on dating sites for believers.

2. Only registered users can see the profiles, and only of the opposite sex. Only men can look at the profiles of women and the other way around.

3. Better to be embarrassed now and with God's help to find a husband or wife, than to allow this feeling of shame to cause you to be left single all your life.

I encourage you to register because you can always cancel your account.


Can a woman take the initiative and write to a man first?

There is no such limitation on the site. Everyone is invited to act according to his convictions.


Who can register?

All single or widowed born again believers over the age of 20 who are baptized, belong to a church/assembly and believe in the deity of Jesus.


Do I need to pay?

There is no fee to register and to use this site, however you must read the site’s rules and agree to all the terms contained in them.


For how long can I register?

There is no time limit for using this site but the site management may terminate the site use of a member under certain conditions and when they think it is needed.


Why is the registration process so long and detailed?

For two reasons: one is to prevent those who are not serious from subscribing to the site. Second, as more details appear it is easier for a member to know if there is any point in contacting a person.


For what purposes can I use this site?

Only for finding a husband or a wife.


Is it possible to register again after I already deleted my account?

Yes, provided that you were not removed from the site by the site administration.


What to do if another user is bothering me?

Turn directly to the site management and the matter will be reviewed and if necessary, the user will be removed from the site.


If you have further questions you can contact us via the contact page.