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Until the door closed!


Until the door closed!
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Until the door closed!

Like today even in the days of Noah people continued life as usual as if there was no God.
People thought that they would live forever on earth and that they would never be accountable to the person who created them.
But the day came when the door closed.
The door to Noah's Ark was open for many years until Noah finished building the box.

Even today the door is open and God is waiting patiently for people to return to him.
But there will come a day of surprise when most people will live their lives as if there is no God and then the door will be closed and the judgment of God will come upon men as it was in the days of Noah.


Genesis 6:

And it was because the man began to go up to the face of the earth; And Bnot Ildo Lhm: 2 and Irao Bni-halhim At-bnot Hadm, Ci Tbt Hnh; And Ikho Lhm womankind, Mcl Asr Bhro: 3 and said to the Lord, La-idon Rohi Badm Lalm, Bsgm Hoa Bsr; 4 And they were the days of the LORD, and the children of the gods came to the sons of the people, and gave birth unto them; and the children of the gods came to them, and they were born to them; What are the things that are everlasting?

5 And he saw the LORD, because the great evil of the man was in the land; And Cl-itzr Mhsbt's heart, merely repugnant Cl-hiom: 6 and Inhm LORD Ci-ash At-hadm Bartz; 7 And the LORD said, I will smite the man, which I will see from the face of the earth, from man into the earth, even unto the top of the earth, and even to the distance of the heavens; 8 And Noah came out of Chen in the eyes of the LORD.

9 These are the generations of Noah, Noah, a man who was righteous; he was in his fields; 10 And the sons of Noah were three sons; 11 And the land of the land shall be before the gods; 12 And God saw the land, and it was destroyed: and the land was filled with water. 13 And God said unto the LORD, The end of all flesh is before me, for the land is full of bread before them; And Hnni Mshitm At-hartz: 14 Ash to you Tbt Atzi-gfr, Knim Tash At-htbh; 15 And that which thou hast done unto him, and that thou shalt not make it; Sls Maot Amh, Arc Htbh, Hmsim Amh Rhbh, and Slsim Amh Komth: 16 Tzhr Tash Ltbh, and Al-amh Tclnh Mlmalh, and Fth Htbh Btzdh Tsim; 17 And I am bringing the water on the land, to destroy all flesh, with the spirit of life, from under the heavens; and I will bring the water to the earth. All that is in the land shall come to me. 18 And I will bring you my covenant with you; And Bat Al-htbh, Would you and Bnic and Astc and Nsi-bnic Atc: 19 and Mcl-hhi Mcl-bsr duo Mcl Tbia Al-htbh Lhhit Atc; Male and Nkbh Ihio: 20 Mhaof Lminho, and Mn-hbhmh Lminh, Mcl Rms Hadmh Lminho; Twain Mcl Ibao Alic Lhhiot: 21 and Ath Kh-lc, Mcl-macl Asr Iacl, and Asft Alic; וְיעעשש נ נחח</s>; וייעעשש נ נחח</s>; As all that God commanded him, so he did.


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