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Jewish! Why do not you read the Bible?

Jewish! Why do not you read the Bible?


Tehillim Chapter Kit

I have eyes and eyes; You are weak;
19 I will grow up in the land; I will not allow you to obey me.
20 A grain of my soul to please; To your judgments in every time.
21 You shall bring forth righteous things; Your achievements are from your commandments.
22 He who is exalted is a sheep; Because your witnesses are created.
23 They also sat among the servants of the desert; Your servant shall judge in thy statutes.
24 Your witnesses, my people, my people!
25 A dust for my soul; I live, as you have said.
26 I will tell you my story, and you shall answer me, that I may judge you.
27 Your way is my understanding; And she kissed her, in your flocks.
28 The soul of my soul is a worm; My name is Kedemani.
29 He hath taken away from me; And I saw thee, and blessed me.
30 There is no trust in my choice; Your judgment is my judgment.
31 Thou hast dealt with thy promises; Jehovah, do not be ashamed of me.
32 Your path is filled with earth; For you shall extend my heart.
33 Behold, I am the LORD your way, and Ekrana is stubborn.
34 Behold, I will understand you, and I will cut off thy Torah, and I will keep you in all my heart.
35 Thou shalt walk in thy path; Because I have desired.
36 Blessed be I unto thy witness, and unto the bough.
37 He passed through the sight of Shua; I live in you.
38 Build up thy servant; Which shall fear thee.
39 The transgressor is my hymn, which I shall raise; Your judgments are good.
40 Behold, I desire thy glory; I have given you justice.
41 And I will give you the support of the LORD; Your judgment, as your saying:
42 And I will give my tongue a burnt offering; I trust you in your word.
43 And do not run from the mouth of the word of truth; For your judgment shall I begin.
44 And I will keep thy counsel continually, for ever and ever.
45 And thou shalt go in the distance; For your dominions are my beds.
46 And I will speak with your feet against kings, and not in mourning.
47 And I will make you satisfied with your commandment, which I have loved.
48 And carry my hand, unto thy commandments, which thou hast loved, and let thy law be in thy law.
49 Remember the word of thy servant; On which I will be divided.
50 This is my comfort in me; For your words have given me life.
51 Thou hast made me go up; Your Torah is not mine.
52 Remember your judgments from the world of Yahweh, and you shall be comforted.
53 I have taken possession of the wicked; Leave your Torah.
54 Behold, my statutes are in the house of my brethren.
55 Remember my night, the name of your Lord; And your wisdom, your Torah.
56 This is my being; For your glory is My creation.
57 Behold, my Lord hath said, I will keep thy word.
58 I have turned your face in all my heart; I am blessed, as you say.
59 My senses are in my ways; And I will set my feet, even unto thy feet.
60 My senses have not come to my senses; Keep your commandments.
61 The bonds of wickedness are against me; I have forgotten you.
62 Nightfall, I will go to you; According to the judgments of your righteousness.

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