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Do you run away from God?

Do you run away from God?
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Do you run away from God?

Many people know exactly what God asks of them.

They heard the voice of God in one way or another and they knew what to do and where to go.

This was the case with Jonah the prophet.

He knew exactly what God had told him but he decided to flee from God and walk his own way.

Do you run away from God today?





Jonah Chapter One


And the word of the LORD was unto Jonah the son of Amethai, saying: 2 Kouam the son of El-Nino, the great city, and he shall call upon it; 3 And Jonah rose up to flee to Tarshishah, from the face of the LORD; And Ird Ifo and Imtza Anih Bah Trsis, and Itn Scrh and Ird Bh come Amhm Trsish, Mlfni Ihoh: 4 LORD, Htil Roh-gdolh Al-him, and it came to pass Sar-gdol Bim; And Hanih, Hsbh Lhsbr: 5 Iirao Hmlhim, and Izako man Al-alhio, and Itlo At-hclim Asr Banih Al-him, Lhkl Malihm; And Ionh, Ird Al-ircti Hsfinh, and Iscb and Irdm: 6 and Ikrb goddess multi- Hhbl, and said to him Mh-lc Nrdm; 7 And they said to him, "Do not let him go down, and let him go down, and you shall know that this evil is for us, and that we will not be harmed." And Iflo Gorlot, and Ifl Hgorl Al-ionh: 8 And they said goddess, Hgidh-na to us, as far as Lmi-hrah Hzat to us; 9 וייאממרר אלליההםם עבבררִיי אננככִיי; וייִּּראואוּו האאננששׁיםים יְראָהא גדודָהל ,ה, וייְמרורו אלליויו מהה-זאת עִשיתיָת; 11 The people said to him, "What is your people doing to you? And let the sea be silenced from above us." And the LORD said to him, "Behold! Ci Him Holc and Sar: 12 and said Alihm, Saoni and Htilni Al-him, and Istk Him Malicm; Ci gnostic Ani, Ci Bsli, Hsar Hgdol Hzh Alicm: 13 Ihtro Hansim, Lhsib Al-hibsh and La Iclo; 14 And they called unto the LORD, and said, 'Verily, the LORD is not lost, in the soul of this man, and thou hast given blood upon us, so that we may vomit; 15 And they carried Jonah, and carried him to the sea; and they brought him to the house of Yahweh. 16 And the men shall see the greatness of the LORD, and the people shall be afraid of them. And they sacrificed the altar to Yahweh, and scattered the birds.

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